Monday, December 19, 2011

Pimp your bike!

For charity :)

As part of the Glazen Huis - Serious Request action for the Quintus house fraternity/student organization of Leiden University, you could pay money to have your bicycle decorated or "pimped." (The word fraternity is a bit of a misnomer, Dutch fraternities are co-ed.)

Anyways, I went by on Saturday to see how the Pimp Your Bike action was going.

Inside, in an unventilated bicycle parking and storage area...
Some very creative young women were making great progress on a large number of bicycles.


  1. [sarcasm]But they're destroying the originality of the bikes.[/sarcasm]

  2. ... by adding some much needed individuality. Try finding your own in a sea of black lookalikes. And it's an effective deterrent to thieves. :-)

  3. Adding colour to the cycling world and more vibrancy to the Dutch scene. Can only be good, I think. ;)