Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meer Het Glazen Huis

More info!

Here's the official Leiden city website about Het Glazen Huis. (I like the extensive "praktisch" information section about parking, cars and bicycles.)

Today, there is a Pimp Your Bicycle action by a fraternity Quintus.
7.50 to have graffiti on your bicycle... warning- it's staged within view of my apartment window so you may end up on this blog.

Quintus is also making a sexy pin-up calendar of students for sale... yikes.

The other fraternity in town, Minerva, will be sponsoring a running loop around the Rapenburg canal.

Leiden University is sponsoring many other activities too, including a tour of the Academiegebouw, a very old building where official, solemn activities take place. I sat in for a Ph.D. defense earlier this year and was impressed with the wall of portraiture in just one of the rooms.

More bicycle action is taking place at the Boerhaave Museum, with the EnergieFabriek.  

They have set up spinning bicycles, racing bicycles and rowing machines to generate electricity that is being used for Serious Request.

If I understand the dutch correctly, most of the bicycles are reserved by teams in competition, but there are two that are not reservable and can be ridden for 10 minute "donations" of energy. That might be fun!

If you find something that sounds interesting, please come visit Leiden and remember to bring all your trash with you! (The intimidating number of bins are also part of a charity action)

Here's are some videos of traffic near one scaffolding tower on the main street toward the town center. Play all three at the same time. :)

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  1. "The other fraternity in town, Minerva, will be sponsoring a running loop around the Rapenburg canal."

    There are five fraternities. Minerva is the oldest, Quintes the youngest. The name means the fifth one.