Thursday, December 15, 2011

Het Glazen Huis

There's a very popular charity event that takes place in a different Dutch city each year. It's called Serious Request, or Het Glazen Huis, or (thank you english Wikipedia!) that stunt where a bunch of DJs are locked into a glass room and have to play music for 6 days straight without sleep solid food. Citizen participants can request songs for a cost and all (most) proceeds go to the charitable cause. Others, such as school children or local businesses, can raise money and deliver it to the organization directly.

This year the event is being held in Leiden. The city is very excited about this and has put up all sorts of staging areas, floating platforms, traffic controls, towers with LED lights, and massive recycling bins every 25 meters. This is making a me a little nervous... especially the recycling bins. Why do they need so many of them?

But no matter. It's going to be wild for a few days. I look forward to learning more about it and finding a way I can contribute... without getting grumpy with the massive influx of charitable people roaming the city with bags and bags of used product packaging that need to be recycled.


  1. Hi Alicia, you might be interested to know that the DJs do sleep. The thing is that they don't eat. The three DJs survive on fruit and vegetable juice for 6 days.
    About the trash bins: the recycling company donates 10 euros for every 1000 KGs of plastic trash that is collected. The more trash, the more aid the Red Cross can provide in war and post conflict zones.

  2. Thank you for the information! Is it only plastic? I usually recycle that at the regular bins, but I"ll put it in the special ones this week.
    I'm excited about the EnergieFabriek at the Boerhaave as well. :)

  3. That sounds exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the festivities.