Friday, November 25, 2011

Two bicycles are better than one

I love my brompton!

A pony loves my brompton!
The photos above are by the Travelling Two and here's their story of our super fun Brompton trip a few weekends ago during the last of the warm non-rainy weather of 2011.

Also, many thanks to The Prudent Cyclist for encouraging me to get one!


Obviously, my little red bicycle has been great for commuting, ponies and multi-modal travel. I can go on the bus or train at any time without paying extra, or the hassle of buying a "printed only" ticket. The lighting works without a thought and I can carry it up and down the stairs with one hand.

And now it's nice to know (empirically rather than by the Path Less Pedaled blog) that my brompton IS comfortable enough for a wind-at-my-back 60-70k day. My trip in the Hills of Limburg notwithstanding- that trip would have been difficult on any bicycle, including my lovely vintage 80s blue koga-miyata. 

A side by side view.   

The wheelbase is somehow magically the same. I'm not an engineer or very good with a measuring tape, but it looks the same and I'm impressed.

The crank arms are also the same length and distance from the ground.

The most obvious positional difference of the bicycles appears to be the handlebars. The brompton grips are higher and closer to the seat. This makes it feel twitchier and puts more of my own body weight on the seat. Fortunately, it's comfortable for shorter days and trips so far!

For those longer trips that are primarily about cycling, or require more weighty luggage, I'll probably still take my favorite blue bicycle. However, it's really nice to have (easy to carry and store) options for commutes, shorter and exploratory trips... or for daytrips that might involve iffy weather when I'm feeling irresolute. 

Two bicycles are better than one!  :)


  1. You do know you can adjust the angle of the handlebars, right?

  2. Ha ha. Yes.
    I have adjusted the ones on the blue bike to the most comfortable position for me. The Brompton, however, has a very limited range for adjustment because it affects the folding mechanism.