Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Speculaas overload

Holiday season in the Netherlands has begun!

Sinterklaas arrived in the Netherlands last Saturday and is scheduled to appear in Leiden on the 19th of November. Decorations and festive lights have started appearing... and there's a sudden proliferation of holiday treats in the stores and oliebollen stands outside.

One such treat is the speculaas.


Today, I went speculaas crazy in the store and purchased Speculaas, speculoos paste, speculaas hagelmix and speculaas spice for cooking.

Then I did what any normal dutch person would do (ok, maybe not true).

I put it all together on white bread.

If only there was a speculaas flavored beverage!!


  1. Try "speculaasdrank". And for recipes:
    There's some (Belgian) beer in it too.

  2. Douwe Egberts cafes last weekend were selling a "Speculaacino". It tasted like liquid speculaas. Complete with whipped cream and kruidenoten on top.

  3. You must try "gevulde speculaas". Buy it at the "banketbakker".

  4. Yay! I'm going to really go overboard and cut out the middle man. No white bread, I'll put the speculaas paste right onto the speculaas and dip that into the drink! Sugar high!

  5. I suggest Speculoos Icecream - milk shake....sooooo good!

  6. Starbucks has a Speculaas Latte at the moment. It is alright, a bit spiced :)

  7. Went to the Albert Heijn at the station today for bread and, inspired by your blog, added a packet of speculaasbrokken. "Do you mind that it is all broken?" says the sales girl. "Why," I say, "do you think it's called brokken?". "Oh well," she says, "they're all in one piece when we get them in". Really. But she IS cute. Very.

  8. Ha ha! Brokken :)
    I had the starbucks latte- and I'm in search of the speculator beer from the SNAB brouwerij. Can't find it yet!