Friday, November 4, 2011

Perfect beer timing

Somehow, we were in Belgium the day the Westvleteren 12 coupon came out in the newspaper... One box per coupon, per person! We found two.

This was not planned, it happened by the fate/stars/beer gods and a certain amount of beer geekery via our visiting friends :) 

The nearest supermarket was about 5k away.  I had brought my bicycle with me so we only had to rent one (the night before because the bike store didn't open until 930am). 

The store selling the beer opened at 830am. We were there at 815am... A line had already formed.

Belgian people take their beer very seriously! The little lady in front of us couldn't really walk without a shopping cart, but there she was, waiting for her special beer with everyone else. Some people even brought their children as the "per person" for their extra coupons. I marked us as tourists by stepping out to take this photo but no one seemed to mind.

The first pallet was emptied by 8:45am, but a second one was wheeled in to the relief of the crowd.

Here's my box.

Ahead of me around 9am, all the other cyclists are carrying boxes too.


  1. that's so awesome! the beer and bike goods are good friends, and both were looking out for you.

    can you add a report on the beer? I've only heard about it being one of the best.

  2. And for such a good cause, too ... ("I helped building the abbey").

  3. The beer! It is delicious! Very similar to St. Bernardus 12 (actually so similar I couldn't tell the difference during our taste test, but others could tell)
    "To build the abbey" is written in Latin on the glasses, too. We had to translate with google. :)

  4. "To build the abbey' - what an intoxicatingly good cause , eh!? ;) I wish I was within reach to support it ! :D