Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Newspaper holder

Copenhagenize just posted about these!
I saw one for the first time in Brugge last week at the super fancy Excellerbikes store.
Or is something telling me to buy one?? (And, of course, I need the Italian bicycle to go with it.)


  1. '(And, of course, I need the Italian bicycle to go with it.)'
    :O , :D .... 'velophile', you!! ;)

  2. But then you realized that newspaper holders are not for sensible people with racks, panniers, baskets and kinderzitjes up front ...
    I also wonder: could there be a country where regulations might demand a rigid face mask and/or an airbag? You know, just in case.

  3. Nah, you can't read the newspaper on such a holder...

  4. If you receive the newspaper daily, they can quickly stack up if you don't read and recycle them immediately. One of the more common solutions to organizing newspapers is to use a newspaper rack, but there are several alternatives to organize and display those newspapers before you get around to reading them or to protect those you want to preserve.

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