Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bicycle frame with sculpture


  1. For some reason I immediately thought of falling off the seat and getting hit in the sensitive bits with that thing...

    And besides, doesn't that block the step through part of the frame? Upper tube missing too, the structural integrity is lost and the frame has a weak point.

    Now if the tools were removable so they could be used for maintenance, that would bring up the technical points.

  2. i saw this and i thought "chopper", not the most comfortable or practical but 5/5 for uniqueness.

  3. Ouch!!
    It was parked by the Beestenmarkt, so it is in actual use by someone. Not Evan :P

  4. I thought about the consequences of a hurried dismount and getting painfully spannered.

    It's quaint, but adds unnecessary mass and rather detracts from the convenience of a step-over frame.

    It's not for me.
    I live in the UK where forced and unnecessary stops are common, due to lots of selfish and inconsiderate drivers and the lousy, virtually non-existent cycle infrastructure. We have some significant ranges of hills too.
    So unnecessary mass is not wanted.