Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bicycles & crutches

A curious thing. 

It's not uncommon to see a cyclist carrying a friend on the back of a bicycle.

Or to see the friend carrying crutches... really, it's not uncommon, the two photos were minutes apart on a busy road... and here's a related article with photos from Copenhagenize.

Sometimes, the cyclist is alone with crutches in one hand. (I've never managed to get my camera out in time!)

For some injuries it may be easier to cycle than to walk... and what a nice way to transport your friend who can't do either comfortably. Bicycles are stable, slow and reliable and most people can hop on and off with grace, crutches or not.

In one photo below, there's even a cushion on the bicycle.

Cycling with crutches

I'll post a single cyclist with crutches once I get speedier with my camera!

A few days later while waiting outside my favorite pizza place...


  1. In Australia we call this 'dinking'.(with or without the crutches,hee hee!)



  2. I saw a guy the other day with a cast on one leg, pedaling with only the other leg, and going up hills! I was astounded, as I've tried pedaling with just one leg before, and I can tell you it's not easy :) I suppose that would be one time it would be very useful to have toe clips or clip-less pedals :)

    I've also seen a couple of people lately riding with casts on one arm.

    I never see people giving each other rides on non-longtail bicycles though, just doesn't happen here, really. Of course, most non-longtail bicycles here are racing or touring bikes, so not ideal for someone sitting on the rear rack.

  3. One of my parents' friends uses a 'telescopic' (retractable) metal walking stick when she goes cycling. Cycling gives her much relief and better/great (and totally painless/pain-free .. according to her ..) mobility. Another 'up' for the bicycle and bicycling. ;)

  4. Cool! It is really wonderful how cycling can help people continue to be mobile! :)

  5. Got it!
    I was waiting for my pizza at Sorrentos. Yum :)

  6. do u have any pictures of anybody with the crutches mounted on their bike? i can carry my crutches in my one hand and bike but i need an idea to mount the crutches