Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bicycle Handmoffen!

Spotted on the Breestraat. How cool are these??

I love the little red buckles to hold them in place.

For sale at Hema.

Even Dutch people are excited (discount!)



  1. Even more remarkable, several commenters don't know the word "handmoffen" - is it that old? They used to be leather or leatherette, with flannel like interiors. Always black and godawfully ugly. But warm.

  2. Very cool! I bet they wouldn't work with bar ends though... I will have to go to Hema and take a look.

    You can find some nice ones on Pimp je Fiets!

  3. Thanks Friedel! I never heard of these myself before yesterday... I know what my winter sewing project will be. :-)

  4. they are semi-common on motorbikes. I've not seen them for cycles before, but trust the Dutch :)

  5. @Neil: The last time I saw these was when my father had some on his bicycle, fifty years ago. The children all said Yuk and Over my dead body. We preferred cold hands. But then my father also wore suspenders to keep his trousers up. I wear a belt, and sometimes wonder if the old man wasn't the smarter one.

  6. Funnily enough, I saw these a lot (and I mean a LOT) on mopeds when I was in Taiwan this summer. Don't know what for exactly in those temperatures, but hey.