Saturday, September 24, 2011

A ride through Zeeland

Beautiful weather ahead!

After last weekend, I decided to use my next free nice weather day for a long bicycle ride. One route I had in mind was down the coast, over the Delta Works and to Middelburg and Vlissingen. Here's a link to the area, and below a screenshot.

I read the forecast and looked at the wind direction with my best sense of denial. I wanted to ride down the coast, starting by taking the train to Maassluis and the ferry over to Rosenburg... Part of the reason for my directional stubborness was that I could only take my bike on the train (weekdays) after 9am, and if I took it all the way to Vlissingen, I wouldn't be able to start riding until nearly 11am! Far too late! And this was too long a journey for my folding bicycle (which can go on anytime anyday)... So I convinced myself that the wind would be mild and not in my face.

The wind was in my face the whole ride... but luckily the light sandblasting effect was really good for exfoliating my skin. More importantly, the views from the ride were so beautiful that I rarely noticed it.

I got a bit lost a few times so my total distance was just over 100k... Also, true to form, I took a slight detour to visit a not-to-be-named brewery that, to my great disappointment, was closed for a private party. I had checked their website in the morning and it said it was open, nothing about calling for more up-to-date information. Grrr. But again, so beautiful!

The clouds were particularly spectacular.  I recommend the route to everyone but be sure to go the other direction!

Photos below:

Early morning light on the ferry from Maassluis.
Pumpkins and squashes were for sale all along the roadside.


  1. I remember when Rozenburg was still a bird sanctuary, and not the back end of a lot of petrochemical business. Anyway, what makes you think that starting from the other end the wind would not be in your face? It always is; that's why electric bikes are selling so well.

  2. someone else did it the other way around and indeed started at 11 am ;-)
    Zeeland Epic Bike Ride

  3. Cool video, thanks! It's a perfect description of my ride as well... very beautiful. But waiting until 11am? No way. :)
    Next time I'm getting an electric bicycle! (Ok, maybe not)