Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hutspot Marsepein

It's almost that time of year! Leiden Onzet and Hutspot!

I've been practicing how to pronounce it so that I don't embarrass myself again this year... a great excuse to buy some marzipan hutspot from our local bakery. :)

It's so cute.

A little carrot, spek (bacon), potato and a turnip/onion/celery.


  1. I just love marzipan...***drool**** ... Must gather my 'kitchen-helpers' to be with me soonest!! :D heehee!

  2. Those are SO cool!!! I wonder if you will see any Gehaktbal (dutch meatball) or stompot ones soon too LOL?
    I bet that the baker who gets to make these does so with a big smile. I've been here 19 years and it's the first time I've seen Hutspot marzipan, so you learn something new every day...brilliant post!

  3. I didn't even need to click on your link to recall your 'embarrassing' story! It's a classic.

    I still remember my French friend always getting served orange juice when he was trying to order, in dutch, beers for us.