Sunday, September 4, 2011

Embracing cycling

Embracing cycling, originally uploaded by _Alicia.
Cycling for lovers. (Meanwhile, there's a giant bus behind us all)


  1. I find that bus drivers on that route show remarkable constraint, you can cycle all the way from Korevaarstraat to the station holding up a bus and it won't try to overtake you. Bus drivers have been getting a bad rep (certainly in the light of the incident in The Hague a few weeks ago) but I find the Leiden ones to be very courteous in traffic. Taxi drivers, on the other hand...

  2. The bus drivers in Leiden are incredibly patient. I don't know how, I would go nuts, so I'm always impressed with them... I didn't know there was a problem in the Hague!

  3. I love holding hands with my SO while riding. I hadn't considered the possibility of embracing!

  4. I didn't find cycling in Leiden quite that relaxing - very busy traffic. We walked around mostly to give us time to work out where we were at each canal (they all look the same, it gets so confusing).

    I only saw the Hague buses as a pedestrian or passenger but they did seem a little impatient.