Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cycling to work during the onset of the Onzet

They are setting up a street fair on ummm... every major street in Leiden. This makes cycling to work a bit tricky! They have banned most car traffic so it's okay to veer off the bike paths and ride in the road when necessary.

Also, my last point and shoot camera finally died after a valiant 7 years, so I have a new one to play with... :)

(So shaky! How do you keep it still??)


  1. Here are three approaches to less camera shake: mount the camera on yourself somehow, there are helmet* and chest mounts for example; mount the camera very firmly to the bike, as in make it one with the handlebar which may sound counterintuitive but actually makes a steady result; or use some sort of steadicam setup. (*just an example, not trying to sneak a helmet in here :) )

  2. Helmets still do give camera shakes from my experience. ;) I use a kind of 'mini-tripod' resting on my chest as recommended to me by shop keeper in in Singapore. It's an improvement but the ocassional shakes still around. I suppose 'shakes' is unavoidable - we can only 'minimise' the occurrences.

    However this video of yours is quiet well taken ... much much better than from those who thought they are 'experts' in this field. .. ooops :p .. no intention to offend anyone, ok.

  3. From 'Anonymous' above
    again :
    btw. i've never worn helmets while bicycling except on those 2 occasions to 'test' on camera shakes. ;)

  4. Thanks for the tips! Heh, helmet camera... :)