Friday, September 16, 2011

Brompton vouwfiets

I bought a Brompton vouwfiets!  It's a cute little red one.

The day after purchase, I used it to pick up a free used sewing machine from an expat in a nearby town. (I found the listing on a local expat listserv.) Upon arrival, I learned that the other expat is British and has his own Brompton... So we chatted briefly about bicycles, which was nice and geeky. Then he checked the tire air pressure (very important!) and assisted me with lashing the sewing machine to the rack.

I was able to ride confidently back to Leiden, about 6k, with no problems. It felt stable in part because the rack is lower to the ground than my regular bicycle. Also, I love it that I had the possibility of hopping on a bus if it was too awkward for the full journey.

Yay, Vouwfiets! It's so adorable and useful!

Now, what am I going to sew?


  1. Hah! Congratulations ... Congratulations!! (On 2 counts!) ;)
    Beautiful red bike![My favourite colours for my bikes ... red and green :D ]
    Wish you many happy hours with your Brompton ..ride safe!

  2. Thanks! I really love it so far, it's so convenient... I"m going to have to sew a nice bag/basket for the front. The standard one is kind of ugly. Yay, projects. :)

  3. "It's a cute little red one."

    They're the fastest.