Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My other mixte

After my around town bicycle was "stolen," I panic-purchased another bicycle from the nearest used bicycle store. The bike was okay, but nothing special so I kept looking on Marktplaats. When I saw a lovely white swooping frame mixte, I hoped it would be mine. 

And so it is. :)

It was a very good deal, less than half the price of the panic bicycle. The owner kept it in a garage for years. She thought the wheels needed to be replaced because the tubes were gummed up a bit and wouldn't inflate- so she didn't ask for much money. Why is it some people still get confused on the wheel, tire, tube thing? Anyways, the tubes did inflate after a few attempts. Did I take advantage? Everything else works just fine and was in very good condition.

The cute little logo that's all over the bicycle frame, fork, seat, matching pump, etc:

I'm sorry to be keeping it outdoors after it's cushy indoor life.

Overall, the bicycle feels a bit flimsy compared to my beloved Koga Miyata. The seatstays are not welded to frame. The pedals and Sachs Huret derailleurs have plastic parts. The brakes are german made and weird. Also, I kept knocking the gear shifter with my knee as I dismounted, causing the chain to "mysteriously"catch and readjust when I got back on. It's sad that it took me a few days to figure the mystery out.

I was concerned about the overall reliability of the bicycle but a 40k ride after work yesterday assured me that the bicycle is sturdy enough for town and quick day trips.

Plus, it's very pretty.


  1. Attractive bike. ;)

    I was gripped with the same concern and feelings for my second bike ... (fast forward)..8 yrs later (with some irresistible (but spaced-out) replacements and additions) it is one of my trusty and comfortable companions. :D

  2. Thanks! It is growing on me :)