Friday, August 12, 2011

Blogspot stats

Why oh why did I ever click on that tab?

Now, I can't stop clicking on it. 

And obsessing.

My favorite part is viewing the Traffic Sources Keyword Searches list!

The most common search is "cycling without a helmet" and I imagine most people are looking for actual statistical information, not a random blog from someone who lives somewhere where people don't wear helmets...

Other keywords that pop up are people looking for gnomes and buttplugs. That seems to lead a lot of people to my site... and they are probably not finding what they want either :)

But then there was the very best one a few days ago! 
"how to teach a horse to poop in one place"
My complaints about too much horse poop on the bicycle paths and my curiousity about the intentions of the horse and rider are not unique. 

Perfectly centered in a four way bicycle/road intersection. How could this not be intentional?


  1. Look at the poop, it's all in one big pile. That means the horse was not moving when it made the pile, otherwise the droppings would be spread. Or someone colledted the droppings into one big pile.

    Was this done with good or bad intentions? Did the rider leave a smelly message for other road users, or was he being courteus by keeping the poop in one place, to make it easy to go around?


  2. I found that one drawback of posting about weird search terms that are drawing clicks to your blog is that it tends to strengthen the pull...with this post, I shudder to think of the strange gnome-related fringe searches coming here now, drawn to this post. Gnomes pooping without a helmet brings you straight here, for example.

  3. John is right. Horses pooping gnomes without a helmet. 4 first links lead to your blog.