Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bicycle sweater

Urban Knitting in Leiden by:


  1. Wonderful idea, but there's one nagging question: if the knitting gets dirty, do you dip the bike in a canal a few times or do you run it through a carwash?

  2. Since I know the owner of this bicycle, I think I can answer that question.

    If the knitting gets dirty I think she would buy some bottles of bubbles (the ones at the AH, right back at the bottom of the shelf, green bottles, liquor department - these are the best) call her neighbours and organised a "Yiehaa the knitting is dirty" party.

    After they drunk the bubbles they would fill there supersoakers with water and made sure the knitting was cleaned. That would not work though (bubbles...), so it became a wet tshirt contest, that would completely escalate, and since it escalated anyway, they decided to make a campfire, open the whisky and dry their shirts above the fire.

    Since the bubbles and the whisky were a bit too much, they cycled home but couldnt navigate so good, fell in the canal, and voila... The knitting was clean!

    If only I was her neighbour... That would be great! ;-)

  3. Awesome! I should give credit to the knittress/artist... and I will once I find the information.

  4. Finding the info should be easy. The shop window says Open and the bike obviously is a "promotional object".

  5. Done and done! :-) (in the body of the post)

  6. I am the artist from the bike! I am tempery at Open, Aalmarkt 15b, Leiden. And the next big thing to do is Urban knitting the Aalmarktbridge! You can see it on sept 24 at 12:00!