Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bicycle scrubbed!

I spent two and half hours this morning (with the help of my lovely neighbor, Magda and my very supportive not tool grabbing boyfriend), scrubbing my canal dredged bicycle. During the cleaning, I ascertained that the front brake is fine, the back break needs some help and the Sturmey-Archer gear cable and lever are toast. I'll have to replace them or enjoy my new single speed bicycle. Surprisingly, the O-lock has survived as well as the white crap encrusted dynamo. I was unable to test the lights yet but it's summer in northern europe so it never gets dark anyways.


The classic before and after.

And a few more before shots:

What is that? toothpaste? How the hell did it get on my hub? Gross.
This light may never work again.
Still works!


  1. I strongly recommend taking the wheel, bottom bracket and headset bearings apart and putting new grease in them. Otherwise they'll likely not last long.

    Apart from that, you've nearly a completely good bike there.

    It's amazing what Aluminium does when it corrodes... Your toothpaste comparison makes a lot of sense as it often does contain aluminium oxide.

    Take care until you're sure the bike really is reliable.

  2. Wow, your elbow grease and David's suggestion will make the bike ridable again. I'm glad you were able to salvage the bike.

  3. Yes, Thank you David! I'll take a look at it again this weekend for mechanical fixes. I've never taken apart a bottom bracket before so it will be a learning experience...
    Last weekend was mostly cosmetic so that I could approach it without gagging :)