Friday, June 10, 2011

Bicycles pulled out of the canal

These were fished out down the street from my apartment.

Neither bicycle is mine... Both appear to have been in pretty good condition before some drunk college student threw them in the water. Such a waste! I prefer a good old bicycle tree to this kind of nasty prank. I'm sad for the owners of these bicycles.

The closest bicycle even has an unused extra chain wrapped around the seat stem.

Lesson: always use a canal dunking prevention chain when parking overnight in Leiden.


  1. The one behind looks like mine :)

    Will WD40 and a cleaning fix them enough to ride or does the water do some sort of accelerated damage?

  2. I think some of the 'newly dunked' bicycles could still be 'slavaged' after thorough clean-up , new/fresh coat(s) of paint, lubrcation and minor replacements ... :D

    " ... always use a canal dunking prevention chain ..." .. could anyone help me to know what this would be?

    The perpetrators of such anti-social behaviour are probably those who missed out on 'home-education' when they were/are younger ('proper upbringing'). Sad! :p

    Sorry to note of your recent loss of a bike.

  3. Reminds me of the junk we'd find in the river at college. Mostly it was refrigerators and dorm furniture.