Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bicycles as drying racks

This morning it was pouring rain without any sign of clearing, so I used my giant green poncho for the first time and cycled the quick five minutes to work.

Inside the employer provided bicycle shed (goes without saying), I found a fellow cyclist in full rain gear.

He started taking it off and draping it over the bicycle. Simple, eh? But of course!

(I've just never done it before... never had a secure shed to leave anything behind...  never had my poncho with me when I needed it, etc...  )

Here's the shed at the end of the day.

My bicycle as a drying rack for my poncho.


  1. We unfortunately have to store our bikes in our apartment, as we have nothing outside near our apartment to lock them to, but I do this all the time when coming home from work with my poncho soaked - park the bike, seat cover on (it's a leather seat) and then just drape the poncho over it to dry. Then clean up the floor later :)

    Thankfully we just asked our apartment complex if they would consider putting in some public bike racks, and they said they would totally look into it. Yay!

    At work, I have to park my bike outside, but we thankfully have a coat hook thing in our office, so I can hang my poncho to dry there.

  2. That's good! I hope your apartment complex will go through with it!
    It's weird, I've just never used the poncho before today. It rains here all the time, but usually not very hard and with gaps so I just wear a waterproof jacket and wait for lighter spells. No more! :)

  3. @Portlandize: just to rub a bit more salt in - as from next year all new apartment buildings in Holland are again obliged to provide bicycle storage, i.e. not in the apartment itself but in the basement, and in addition to the usual storage space per apartment. This obligation already existed but was suspended in I think 2003 to cut bureaucracy. It then transpired that builders simply cut their costs by leaving the bike storage out.

  4. Not just apartment buildings, actually. Any dwelling (ranging from dorms, apartment buildings and high-rise towers to mansions) has to have an "enclosed, non-communal storage space of at least 5m², at least 1.8m wide and at least 2.3m high" and this space must be accessible directly from a public highway or via a communal hallway. If the individual dwellings are smaller than 40m² (i.e. student rooms and/or studios) the space can be shared, with at least 1.5m² per property.