Monday, June 6, 2011

Bicycle theft

Not less then 24 hours hours after bragging to some people that none of my bicycles here have been stolen because I am paranoid and used to a much worse threat level from Brooklyn (and 48 hours after teasing a friend who had his 3rd or 4th bicycle stolen), I left the second lock undone on my bicycle, and overnight, Poof.

Goodbye bicycle.

Fortunately, it was my outdoor bicycle, not my beloved koga miyata for which I feel even further justified in taking up the whole corner of the living room to store it.

It was this guy (named Dylan by a friend who borrowed it):
Such a nice solid bicycle, reliable and heavy.  I do hope someone is finding it useful and that it wasn't simply thrown into a canal. 


  1. ...or hawked for drug money or something.

    I always feel weird about bike theft here in the U.S., like people feel they are stealing a luxury object, something for recreation or entertainment - but actually it's my main way of transporting myself from place to place. Of course, I'm sure that's not the case in the Netherlands, people realize they're stealing someone's vehicle :)

    Good ole Union :) I hope he's being used well also.

  2. Dutch bikes are mostly stolen *because* they are a means of transport, for drunken students for instance - this is Leiden, with a very respected university. And Dylan will almost certainly find a wet grave.

  3. What a bummer! That was a really nice bike to cruise around on... :(

  4. That sucks! Hope it does not meet a watery grave...