Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bicycle found!

My bicycle has returned... I rode home from work today and encountered this scene...

I walked around the bikes and recognized my "stolen" bicycle.
And that's the parking spot where I last failed to lock it with the second chain.

It's been in the water for just under one month and wow, is it disgusting.

What the hell is that white crap on the dynamo?

I'm going to lose the panniers... but maybe I can fix up the rest with a sandblaster or a good old fashioned flamethrower. Please advise :)


  1. A bit spooky really. Do you think that your bike was fished out of the canal wherever the thief had dumped it after using it for a quick trip, and then had found its way home like a lost cat? I guess that it's more likely that it was in the canal right next to that spot the whole time, but why did whoever fished it out just leave it there? If it was the council, I would expect them to dispose of it. Oh well! One of life's little mysteries.

    Good luck with renovating it.

  2. Thanks! It is a mystery- I don't know who pulled it out and why.
    The rain has washed a bit of the grime away. I'm going to get some industrial sponges and scrape away this weekend. I'm not sure about regreasing and oiling the brackets, hubs, gears... we'll see how it goes. It is a rather solid bicycle so I imagine it can be in rideable shape again for shorter in town trips.

  3. Now your bike has an adventurous story to tell other bikes! :D

    Do whatever clean up you could do and maybe let the local bike shop do the rest (such as check/replace the ballbearings etc. if necessary - most likely need not - only lubrication). 'Light' , gentle brush of the rims (wheels)with a 'hard' or 'wire' brush would help.
    At final stage add some (a tablespoonful or two of) 'oil'/lubrication/motor-oil to quater pail of water and then wet a piece of rag with the oil-water mix - rub the damp cloth all over the frame to give a thin flim/coating of oil to cover whatever scratches that might be. Then rub down /clean off with a dry rag.
    This was what one of my male college mates taught me to do with the vintage (I prefer the word 'old') bikes abandoned by my aunties. (I did this several times during the next few months - Maybe I was/am suffering from 'obssesive-compulsive disorder' - haven't consulted a 'shrink' yet! :D Haaaahaaa)

    Am glad there's a 'closure' to the incident.

  4. "What the hell is that white crap on the dynamo?"

    I believe the technical engineering term for that is "white crap."

    "Please advise"

    First wash it off with a mild dish washing detergent and those industrial sponges. Use aluminum foil to go at the rust. It works and wont' scratch like steel wool will.

    Then, don't know what brands are available there or where to get them, but here in NY I'd go to the Wally World automotive department and get a container of Turtle brand Scratch and Swirl Remover to polish up the paint and Chrome and Rust Remover for, ummmm, ya know, the chrome and rust.

    Whatever you can get buy by price; get the cheap stuff. It'll work just as the expensive stuff on a canal dunked city bike.

    Finish it off with a spray can furniture polish. Tech has advanced a bit since the oil and water days. Plus you get a lemon fresh bike out of the deal.

  5. Kfg,
    "Tech has advanced a bit since the oil and water days. " Agree with you absolutely. ;)

    However, I forgot to qualify my use of 'oil & water' method(/home-remedy ... it still 'works' though).... At that time we were impecunious students .. suffering from chronic 'empty purse syndrome' :D In fact we were nick-named 'money-not-enough-guy(/gal)' by an Asian classmate. :D
    What a sweet recollection of penniless but happier days! ... Oooooops , I've digressed .. a thousand apologies ..Bye!

  6. "we were impecunious students"

    Oh yeah, been there and done that, but who would be silly enough to buy furniture polish when you can just scarf a shot off somebody's mum? That's the whole point of using furniture polish instead of a "paint protection system" (they can't just call it "wax," 'cause it ain't, it's silicone. Hey! That's what spray can furniture polish is. Go figure) from the automotive department.

    "I've digressed"

    Well if you clean it up yourself we can just keep that between you and me.

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