Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekend trip to North Brabant & Antwerp

We just took a trip to Antwerp with our bicycles,

via Tilburg (La Trappe)
Monastery provided bicycle parking.

Baarle-Nassau (Dochter van de Korenaar),
Belgium side of the border. Delicious beer. An excellent brouwerij to visit.

One of the many borders on the street...

and Westmalle (Westmalle)
 Waffle with flowers! And I bought cheese from a monk in a robe! 

The bicycle paths were a lot of fun in the countryside... never boring.
We used the fietsknooppunten for most of the ride, they were generally easy to follow and consistent on both sides of the border.
The bicycles on belgian bicycle signs have fenders. So civilised.

In Antwerp, we walked through the city on our way to the T'Pakhuis brewpub.

The streets and sculptures are really beautiful... and weird.
There is water spurting from the giant's hand stump.

The next day, rather then take the international train back straight from Antwerp we decided to cycle back up to Bergen op Zoom... It looked so nice on the map... A ride along the haven area...


Here's a photo!
It's a giant industrial park!

With some lovely nuclear cooling towers across the water, (that you can't see) only towers, tubes, bad smells and stretches of giant circular buildings used to store old industrial waste are visible.

Yes, bad smells are visible.

We took the route with the red circles and I've added the obvious symbol to the map that should have been there.

There's even a route that goes past the towers, #15 for anyone that loves nuclear power and industrial landscapes!

Otherwise, I'd recommend staying inland.

I was so relieved when we finally turned in from point #92, over the bridge and to green farmlands again. The rest of the ride up Bergen op Zoom was very nice.


  1. Those are not nucleair cooling towers. The Netherlands only has one working nucleair plant (in Borsele). There is another one that isn't working and two small research reactors in the Univeristies of Delft and, um.. another place. Anyway, see wiki page:

    Bergen op Zoom does not have a nucleair plant.

    There's a lot of industry there, several of which might use cooling towers, but not of the nucleair kind. You will NOT light up in the dark. No worries.


  2. This is in Belgium on the way from Antwerp back to the Netherlands, and it was a nuclear plant (the Doel station linked to in the article)