Friday, May 27, 2011

Wednesday's commute photos

It was my final week at my job in Den Haag this week, so I took my last commute along the river on Wednesday. (It's been raining and too windy since then! Crazy windy. Stand still or blow over, Windy. Very, Very Windy. Yes, I'm a wimp.)

I love that route for many reasons and will miss doing it regularly... so I took a few pictures to remind me of it.
And when I get a chance on a weekend, I'll certainly take the route for fun! I think it goes all the way by the river through Delft to Rotterdam...
Baby ducks!
Sheep and lambs!
Sleeping cows.
Baby goats!
Sleeping horse.

and furthermore:

Dream house "For Sale" - with your own boat parking space.
Fantasy dream house with your own sail boat.

 And to complement my ongoing photo series, Dogs on Boats, I started this one:
Bikes on boats!

Bikes on boats in Leidschendam.

Bikes on boats in Leidschendam.

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  1. Beautiful photos!
    You make my day with this series of photos... esp. of the ducks and other farm animals. I have now a strong urge to organize a country-side ride with friends, soonest. :D
    Thank you. ;)