Saturday, May 7, 2011

Emergency services in Leiden weblog

I recently started following the "112" Leiden nieuws rss feed. (112 is like 911 for Americans)

It is a weblog with photos and videos... It's nice to see the emergency services at work... and I find it interested to know what is happening around town. Sort of a virtual rubbernecking... please don't deny you do it too.

Mostly, it's about fires and car accidents, also there are some bicycle/moped accidents and one parrot rescue.

Today, there is a "freeing a horse from a watery ditch" rescue. I had to share. I'd embed the video but they seem grumpy about copyright infringement on the front page of the weblog (Bright red typeface!).

The video link is below, all copyright to


  1. Funny that you mention this ... I have been interested in Dutch emergency services for many years (have spent a lot of holidays there). I like how they consequently use the same colour scheme for all their vehicles.
    Thanks for the links.


  2. @Nico: The emergency services themselves are proud to have different colour schemes. But you would only notice when seeing them together. All variations on the striped pattern = danger principle. Much like skunks, in fact :-).

  3. That is a lot of people rescuing one horse. Loved the teamwork though!

  4. @ Frits: Okay, I was just referring to the basic red/yellow/white system (Brandweer, Ambulance, Politie). It’s not such a mess like in Germany or other countries. Of course there are also exceptions in the Netherlands, e.g. ambulances in Amsterdam. :)