Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chopper bicycle gang!

Thanks to a comment from a reader, I found the youtube videos of the local chopper bicycle gang/club.

I give you the Keytown Cruisers of Leiden!

Love it!


  1. Do you think your non-Dutch readers understand why this gang is called the Key Town cruisers? Just asking :-)
    They're definitely not the Leidse Sleuteltjes.

  2. @Frits B
    No, I don't, but curious to know ... Could you help? ;) Thanks.

  3. Sleutelstad = keytown is Leiden's nickname, derived from the town's patron saint St. Peter (hence also the Pieterskerk). The keys are also shown as "key" element in the town's coat-of-arms, a blank shield with two crossed golden keys, and in the flag. Leiden's radio station and news site are called Radio Sleutelstad and respectively. And the Leidse Sleuteltjes are a famous children's choir (founded in 1948, says Wikipedia).

  4. I forgot: for those not familiar with the link between St. Peter and keys, according to Matth. 16:19 Peter holds the keys to the kingdom of heaven, which is why in popular terms he is the doorman upstairs. For Roman Catholics and Anglicans, that is.