Monday, April 25, 2011

Planning one or two day bicycle trips...

This is how my planning goes:

1) Destination: Texelse Brouwerij

It's about 120km from Leiden along the highway, and longer on a scenic coastal route (also hillier). So it might be a bit far for one day's travel... heh. Cocksdorp.

2) I look up the halfway point... and find a National Bier Museum in Alkmaar!


3) But if we go there, maybe we should also stop at Jopen Brouwerij in Haarlem.

On their website I find a listing for a special bier festival to be held in Den Bosch on  Sunday May 1st... Is Den Bosch to far for two days?


4) Den Bosch!
5) That's closer to Belgium! Let's go see where all the gnomes come from!!
6) Let's visit all the trappist breweries in Belgium!!!
7) France!! Wine!!!
8) And then we catch the ferry to Dublin for a Guinness?? Or,
9) What about Denmark! 
10. Let's cycle the North Sea route!


  1. This would certainly be a very intoxicatingly pleasant trip, indeed huh!? ;) I'm 'motivated' to plan one like yours. ;)

  2. Regarding #7, if you make it as far as Bordeaux, there is always a couch available. And some wine. And some bike paths. So will that be May 2nd or the 3rd?

  3. Ah geez...I start to get excited about my vacation this summer to Copenhagen and Amsterdam and you bring all of this up. I have to take a week off to have as much fun as you're going to have in two days!

  4. THanks! I wonder if I could make it to Bordeaux in two days. Thank you for the offer:)

    Will, you can visit 't Ij in Amsterdam!