Sunday, April 10, 2011

Path open between Voorschoten & Leidschendam

The omleiding is gone!

(and, another portion of the path is blocked off now between De Vink and Voorschoten)

But look... Nice, wide and smooth. Yay.

There must have been a ribbon cutting...

And an artistic dedication ceremony for the construction workers who made the new path...


  1. Heh, our artist must've visited Dorset, 'cause the figure attains a striking resemblance to the Cerne Giant (

    On the other hand, the artist might be American, since the 'Leiden Giant' appears to be circumcised...

    *looks sternly at Alicia*



  2. They still don't seem to have a solution for the part within Leidschendam. Annoying, that's the only part of the route that really bothers me. Poor quality paving and too many corners.