Friday, April 22, 2011

Nail in the tire!

A few kilometers down the Scheveningen fietspad and my tire went very quickly flat...


How did that happen? How did a nail get on a bike path that is heavily used by racing cyclists,  day-trippers, beach-goers and tourists?


I bought a new tire and inner tube... and it fit badly on my new rim. There was a bubble.

I panicked and rode to my favorite bicycle store. Bump, bump, bump.

No, it's not the one with Diesel... although I do love him.

It's Bikelane, a store that sells new and drool-worthy bicycles, mostly high-end for racing, touring, and mountain biking. No used bicycles. I purchased my Brooks saddle there with last year's U.S. tax return.

They do repairs on some used bicycles (my koga-miyata, not my other crappy town bike, I would never take it there. Better to throw it in the canal) and are the nicest guys around. They fixed my broken spoke last year and dealt with me when I was crying about my steering column being bent by construction workers. (It took 5 seconds with an allen key to fix it but I was too emotional to figure it out.)

The owner noticed straight away that my present problem was that the tube wasn't inflated enough.
He helped me out so I promised to come back and buy a Santos.

Ha! Now I have to buy a Santos! YAY! My word is my bond. ha ha ha.


  1. You're really humorous! :D You really need a lady (For obvious reason ... we don't want someone to get jealous , ya?) bike 'expert' as a regular/constant bike-riding companion.
    Congratulations on your acquisition of a Santos; wish you many ,many hours of riding pleasure. ;)

  2. He he. I get really scared when my bicycle isn't working perfectly and I panic, even when I know how to fix it... it's irrational. I know.
    So a Santos! I'm saving up and negotiating how many bicycles i'm allowed to keep in the apartment (and not outside) :)