Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Employer provided bicycle parking

Most dutch employers offer simple bicycle parking to their employees... and some offer covered sheds with doors that swing conveniently open when you swipe a badge.

Oh, and a complimentary air pump.

Secure and covered bicycle sheds.

Door opens automatically with a card swipe.

Swings wide open, easy to walk a bicycle through.

End of the day... It's completely full in the morning.

Push the black button to open the door to exit.

And here was my bicycle parking experience in NYC:

The closest official bicycle rack was around the block.
Two locks absolutely necessary.

My NYC bicycle lock was enormous, heavy and cost as much as some bicycles.


  1. You have given me something worthwhile to talk about with some of my business associates - with sizeable staff - during our urgh!..) 'business' lunch(es).

  2. All in their own interest. Even the boss hates a wet bum when cycling home at the end of the day.

  3. BTW, these bicycle racks illustrate the alternate meaning of "fietsenrek": a row of irregular, broken or missing teeth. Now rare but a regular sight before dentists discovered that there was more money to be made on the cosmetic side of dentistry than in regular maintenance and repair. And linguists will appreciate the link to bicycles :-).

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