Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Elegant side step mount

Many women (especially older women) in the Netherlands do a little side step to mount and dismount from their bicycle. That is what the lady in purple heels is doing in this photo.

She crossed her right leg behind the left when she came to a stop. Then, it's a push with the back and  a step over the frame.

She makes it seem very easy, elegant and simple. In heels.

I can't do it.


  1. Oh, I used to do that. Then, a couple of years ago, someone stole my bicycle and I got another with a different frame and suddenly I couldn't do it anymore. Weird, that.


  2. I usually need a little time with a bicycle frame that I've never ridden before , before I could execute such a dismount 'instinctively'.

  3. I can do it even on a man’s bike ("throwing" the leg over saddle and bike rack, of course), but now my bottom bracket has come loose. It’s probably "healthier" for the bike to mount in a different way (if you’re not riding one of those sturdy Dutch bikes). :)

  4. I'm glad someone is blogging about this. My girlfriend mounts and dismounts a bike the same way, stepping through the frame, and I have long thought it to be so elegant and dignified. It was so surprising at first I fully intended to take a video to show other people here in Australia how differently and gracefully bikes are used by girls over there. She comes from Sweden and I notice the other girls there do the same. Its easy to understand why so many girls choose to use a bike in northern Europe. They keep it dignified. I have seen girls riding there in long evening dresses with very high heels and hair bouffed up.

  5. Video evidence on David Hembrow's blog, on May 1. Purely coincidental, of course.