Friday, February 4, 2011

Omleiding news

The bike path between Leiden and Den Haag is still under heavy construction in the area just before Voorschoten. From the map below, it's from knooppunt 88 to 90 and then a little further on the way to Leiden.

Riding toward Leiden, there is one large yellow Omleiding sign right after the long tunnel below the tracks (88).

If you ignore this sign and jump over the large concrete blocks on the path, you will have lots of company, both directions.

A cyclist leaving the path that was supposed to be closed for construction.

Well worn paths circumventing the barriers to the path.

In fact, don't even approach the concrete blocks.

You can turn in quickly on your left and cross some mud to the path.

Everyone is doing it.


  1. It's another example of the desire line:

  2. This location might be familiar (bridge along the railway line on the route to Merenwijk/Warmond). Same thing happened there.

  3. Today's NRC Handelsblad has an article about this velostrada. I'll send a pdf to your email address (a web link works for subscribers only).

  4. Thank you for the link Mr. Spoke and for the article, Frits!
    My poor understanding of dutch has let me understand from the article that the contractors in charge of the construction are sick of their signs, ribbons and path obstructions being moved or destroyed by cyclists... it costs them money. I'm sorry to hear about their hardship, I hope they finish the job soon because it is also a hardship for bicycle riders to take a scenic detour every time they want to make a routine trip. I'll be sure to stay off the construction site during working hours but on weekends it will probably depend on the weather... :) I have a hard time trusting omleidings after that sadistic one in Wassenaar last year.