Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bicycle parking in the morning

Bicycle parking lot!, originally uploaded by _Alicia.

This is one of the many parking areas near the Leiden train station. I had some time to waste this morning so I stalked a few people parking their bicycles. :)


  1. Thank-you for this.
    One immediate thought is how many times larger this facility would need to be were it to store cars instead of bicycles.

    There's a huge benefit in saved land area not being allocated to car storage. Then there's the savings in expense of construction and the embedded energy in all that concrete and steel that wasn't necessary, but multiplied many, many times - wherever a bicycle facility eliminates or significantly reduces the need for and extent of car facilities.

  2. I'd love to mention this video on my blog. Do you mind if I embed the video? I'm happy to simply link to this article if you'd prefer.