Sunday, February 13, 2011


By parking near the train station more often, my seat cover collection has grown.

No more old supermarket bags for me. 


  1. Pardon me for being dim, but I presume from your comment and the picture that the seat covers are given 'gratis' as part of an advertising campaign.

    Nice to see cyclists seen as a large and normal part of the population worth targeting for advertising.

  2. Amoeba: I don't think the cyclists are targeted as such. It's more like the bikes themselves by their sheer number are a practical, and free!, advertising medium. Although as soon as the cyclist sits on it, the cover itself will be covered.

  3. Is there any indication on the cover where it was printed? I can think of a bunch of local businesses who'd love to advertise this way, but I'm having trouble finding anywhere online that will custom print a bike seat.

    If the cover doesn't say who printed it, could you pass along one of the companies that is advertised on the covers? I'd love to get in touch with them to find out where they ordered the covers.


  4. Hello Amoeba, Frits is correct :) It's much more effective to target bicycles than cars around here...
    Will, I have two in my house right now, one from the Fitnesscentrum,, no indication of who printed it. It is a lower quality non-waterproof fabric but still useful for snow days and such. The other one is a fashion store, They are a chain so it might be harder to find the person who knows where it was printed? Not sure... The fabric is heavier, waterproof but also brittle.
    It is a really smart way to reach a particular audience!

  5. @Will, try this link... in Dutch but I'm sure you can contact them in English.

  6. How many covers does one need? It's just another type of trash, especially if it can't be recycled easily.

  7. Hi Alicia,
    I'm Rong:) I just finished the one year life in the Netherlands. I'm writing something about my past days, this time I wrote the bike seat cover advertisement because it was one of the interesting experiences in Holland. However I forgot to take the picture when my bike was covered! Could you please let me put your first picture on my blog? It's very nice! Of course I will note down your name and the resource as well!
    Thank you very much in advance!

    1. Hello Rong,
      Thank you. Please go ahead and use the photo, you have my permission. Thank you for asking! :)
      Are you missing the Netherlands? Where are you living now?

    2. Hey Alicia,

      Thanks for your permission.

      Yes, I miss the life in the Netherlands so much through writing down the stories happened. Like if those days were not too far away.
      Now I'm in Taiwan, my hometown!:>


  8. Forgot to say, your blog about bikes is so interesting! I'll keep following it. ;)