Saturday, January 29, 2011

Used bike stores in Leiden - Map

Without a puppy bias... Here's a map!

View Used Bicycle Stores - Leiden, Netherlands in a larger map

And I'm adding a few more photos below.
Dusoswa, Caecilastraat 4
Kaasmarkt Rijwielen

Budget Bike, Hogewoerd 71

Fietspoint, Leiden Centraal station LUMC side

Fietspoint, Leiden Centraal station, city center side

Huisman Tweewielers, Levendaal 76

Huisman Tweewielers, Levendaal 76


  1. Collaborators welcome! Send me an email and I'll give an invite to edit the map.
    Thanks for the idea, Pedro :)

  2. Lucky people of Leiden!
    Where I am , the shops are selling only new bikes. The 'second-hand' bikes here are being sold only through the advertising media/online ... and there are very very few (and far between offers) to choose from.

  3. In a student town you're competing with a hell of a lot of people for a limited resource. I've found that going to nearby non-student towns like Alphen aan den Rijn or Haarlem gives you an even wider selection of decent bikes.

  4. Hmm will any of these places take my crap bike when I go to get a better one?