Sunday, December 26, 2010

World's Largest "Concrete" Gnome! Citizens of Rotterdam take notice!

When I found out that my home town now has the World's Largest "Concrete" Gnome... I had to visit, on Sunday,
the day after Christmas,
before they cleared the snow off the paths. Yay!

(It is possible that I get a little stir crazy without bicycles and/or work to do)

Here he is!

His name is Elwood and he's about 15 feet tall, but I'd say about 5 feet of that is hat.

And there's a little story about the "Concrete" qualifier...

The designers, attempting to make the World's Largest Gnome (unqualified) had only to beat the New York State Gnome (now the World's Third Largest Gnome, or World's Second Largest "Concrete" Gnome) until a group in Poland made a taller one out of fiberglass.

A little video from Youtube with excellent dramatic music:

There is some controversy over whether fiberglass is an acceptable material for a "Gnome" World Record so the title of World's Second or Third Largest Gnome is debatable.

The folks from Iowa have added the qualifier "Concrete" to avoid a * and a long footnote.


They might also think to add "Garden" because...  if we can argue about what material to make Gnome from, we can also argue about what is or is not, in fact, a Gnome. 

My point is the "Gnome" in Rotterdam.

Take notice citizens!

It is taller than all three previously mentioned Gnomes!

At present, it is not officially a "Gnome,"

(It's a version of Santa Claus in a country that doesn't have a Santa Claus, instead they have Sinterklaas and he dresses like a Pope, not a CocaCola icon)

so Iowa and Poland need not worry yet about "Garden Gnomes" vs. other types of "Gnomes" and appropriate construction materials.

First, the city of Rotterdam would have to call the sculpture by it's unofficial name, 'The Kabouter with a Buttplug', and then submit it for Guinness records.

(Kabouter is Gnome in dutch)

Why not?

Wouldn't it be better to have the "World's Largest Gnome" in Rotterdam rather than a misplaced sculpture of an American Santa Claus holding a weird looking tree?

And it would be the world's tallest "Gnome" even if 5 feet are buttplug.


  1. Depending who you ask, the Rotterdam "gnome" could be the world's sexiest gnome too then, if they decide to re-label it. Or the most intimidating... (I just keep thinking "ouch!")

    And since it's next to a dentist's office, I guess that makes for an intimidating public square.

    His tree also kind of looks like a poo Popsicle.

  2. Kabouter Buttplug a.k.a. Kabouter Plop.
    Just not for the kiddies.