Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dutch Blizzard!

So there was a blizzard yesterday. :)

Nieuwe Rijn in Leiden

Although it is very beautiful... it was also very troublesome for many people returning home or going on holiday.

Flights were canceled, trains were delayed or canceled, public buses stopped running at times and transportation websites crashed. It was a mess...

Many people are spending the night at the airport, unable to leave even if they want to because of the public transportation problems.

Not so if you have a bicycle!

My favorite story so far. The Travelling Two and their "Unexpected winter cycling"

And there are many lovely photos on Flickr of the snowstorm- Here's a link to a favorite from Henry in Amsterdam.  

And a few more photos of Leiden from me:

And until Frits B. responds, this is a Dutch Penguin Colony:

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