Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bicycle parking survey

After parking my bicycle to catch the train this morning, I was approached by a young man with a clipboard.

He quickly realized that I was an idiot in Nederlands and began speaking in English for me.

His name is Joost.

He works for the Gemeente of Leiden...  and would I mind doing a survey about bicycle parking with him?

I said yes... I am impressed. Bicycle weeders and now survey takers... the city really cares.

My favorite and the most difficult question was this:

What is your order of importance for these aspects of bicycle parking?

1. Parking is free
2. Parking is guarded and safe.
3. There are free spots in the parking lot.
4. The lot is very close to the train station.

(This was followed up by "How expensive is your bicycle?")

Afterwards, he let me take his picture.

If he approaches you, be sure to help out with the survey.

Thanks, Joost!


  1. Question 3 seems pretty lame to me.

    Security, location and cost don't mean much if there are no spots available.

  2. It was "many" spots available... sorry, I didn't phrase it quite right.
    Yes, it would be useless if there was no room at all!

  3. You do realize that the Devil's name is Joosje Pek in Dutch (yes, he has a name like anybody else except him-who-shall-not-be-named as in the Harry Potter books)?

  4. Having a small percentage more spaces to park than the average demand at the particular location and security ( Choice 3 and 2) would be my 'recommendation'.

  5. I love it that the devil has a name!
    I chose number one and then number three... my new used bicycle is super crappy but perfect for the trip to and from the train station. I won't cry if it gets stolen.