Monday, November 29, 2010

Three Routes, Leiden to Den Haag

1) The boring route along the highway... ignore all omleidings and walk through construction if necessary. Sights include the highway, a gas station and some wooded areas.

2) The slightly less boring but fastest route along the train tracks. Includes 3 different tunnels!  Presently under construction near Voorschoten. The last time I tried it the path was impassable and I had to take the omleiding- but luckily it wasn't a created by a sociopath and went in a relatively straight line. Sights include several tuinen (little dutch gardens and huts) many ducks and geese and a few ponies. Also, dog walkers.

3) Beautiful route along the river. It's longer but very pretty and very few cars. No omleidings yet...
Sights include windmills, rowers, houseboats, many ducks, geese, horses, cows, sheep, goats, gnomes, and other cyclists in spandex.


  1. Taking note of your advice/recommendations & map. Who knows I might need them someday on my 'sojourns'. Thanks

  2. If your destination is towards Scheveningen, the route on the west side of Wassenaar is quite nice. The road surface is made of tiles for part of the way (yuck!) but it leads through the wooded outskirts of Wassenaar that give it its reputation for a rich man's town.

    I also occasionally take the Veurseweg route straight through Voorschoten and Leidschendam. You hit the occasional traffic light, though, but otherwise it's perfectly pleasant and safe.

    There'll probably be roadworks on all of these routes at any one time, though. The Dutch aren't happy with what they've got: it's all got to be better, safer, more efficient.

    (by the way, the routes you've labeled 1 and 2 are official commuter routes designated by the province, which means they're investing in them by building things like the shortcut through the park near De Vink station)