Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guess which broodje is an actual dutch holiday sandwich.

Appel turnover

Speculaas (cinnamon cookies)
Banaan (banana)
Pepernoten (licorice flavored bread chunks)
Mandarijnen (Mandarins)
Kruidnoten (spice cookies)
Marzipan ham


  1. I was perplexed to see speculaasbroodjes advertised at the grocery store. Cookies do not need to be served on bread!

  2. :D ... I thought the 'broodje haring', or a raw-herring sandwich is their favourite!

    If I have to choose one or 2 from the above I would go for the last one (Marzipan ham) first and have the banaan as my second :D Can't imagine having the others ... ;p

  3. Huh... Speculaas on bread is a very, very old custom (my mum did this for me back in the sixties, when I was a little kid, and I've seen it referenced in a book from the early 1900's, describing the author's memories from the 1870's) but I thought that everybody had forgotten it by now..

    From what I can remember, it's actually quite nice when the speculaasjes are a bit stale.


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  5. Cookie sandwiches are awesome dipped in melted butter or caramel cream.

  6. Unfortunately, speculaas never has the chance to go stale in my home... :) But I could dip it in butter.