Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things I will never understand

These pants:

Look at them.

Cargo sweatpants with a baggy crotch.

Not a joke!

I try to ignore fashion, it's passing and all, but I couldn't ignore this. The baggy crotch fad is appalling enough, but combined with sweatpant material... horror!
I just don't get it!! Why?

The company, Desigual charges €84 euros for these "handmade KOBI trousers."
"Handmade"(as in bright, asymmetical, tacky, painterly splotchy) appears to be their marketing ploy...

and they are quite popular in the Netherlands. But really, besides the risqué appalling pants, most of the designs remind me of clothing I might buy at a local U.S. arts and crafts fair. It's hard to believe that an international design company put this all together.
I just don't understand.


  1. Generally speaking:
    It seems that my generation would frequently and quickly see 'art' (ultra-liberal?) in anything quirky or outlandish. This is probably symptomatic of mind that is moving towards mental ennui/exhaustion and/or aberration and is yet restlessly and relentlessly trying to grasp and hold on to something in the 'real world'. :p

    (I play safe and) I stick to photography and remain drug-free. :D

  2. Desigual is here, in New York, as well. Some of their sweaters and/or dresses are cute, but I've had the experience the few times I've stopped in of saying, "Oh, cute! I like this awkwardly hand-stitched patchwork sweater. How much is it?....oh, that much. Nevermind."