Friday, October 1, 2010

October 3rd in Leiden - Preparations

It's October 1st in Leiden- 2 days until the anniversary of the Siege of Leiden and the whole city is making preparations. Kegs are begin delivered, stages set up on canals. Long time residents are fleeing and hordes of party seekers are arriving. I went out to take some photos and will have a lot more by the end of the weekend!

The roller coaster "Super Mouse" has been set up in the town square:

 Carnival booths are setting up their wares:

 and  young men in hats are posing and demanding to have their picture taken.


  1. Actually, when the 3rd of October falls on a Sunday, the festivities are bumped to Monday, although there are plenty of preperatory festivities over the weekend.

  2. A lot of people have Monday off work... I am not one of them :( But I plan to try all the oliebollen and poffertje carts today or tomorrow. Yum. Oh, and my free herring. Is that true? The wikipedia article says that all the residents of Leiden get a free herring and some white bread.