Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kittens and cigarettes

I've been wimping out and taking the train almost everyday the past two weeks.
It rains in the morning! It rains in the afternoon! And my gigantic green poncho is not effective at stimulating my motivation.

Instead, I take the crowded train for 20 minutes. It's not too bad, better than the NYC subway.

I've seen some interesting things.

Here's some atypical gay bashing graffiti written in English- but must be by an American because the word "faggot" means different things for both countries... hey, wait.
Maybe it's not by an American!

Is this about Smoker-bashing?

Did I misinterpret it?

The little "I heart pussy so much" on the side made me assume it was sexual... but maybe this is about anti-smoking, and cat loving!

Kittens are so cute... Cigarettes are bad... Hmmm.

If only.


  1. You are kidding that it must be by an American, right?

    I have little sense of irony at 4 a.m.

    Is that sentence ironic? ugh.

  2. Gay bashing is making a comeback, and not just verbally. Gays are not safe in many parts of Dutch cities anymore, regrettably. And it's not PC to say why.

    Oh, and fags are British, fagot (plural fagotten) is a wind instrument. But you knew that.