Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cycling in New York

While briefly in New York, I managed to pass by at least one "Ghost bike." These bikes are painted white and locked to a spot where a cyclist has died, as a memorial. It's always startling to see them but I think it's an important gesture...
Also, it appears that someone has lost their pants.

On a happier note,
I went for a spin around Prospect Park and tried out the new bike lane on Prospect Park West!
I can't believe it hasn't been there all along. It's so smart... and yet, people are still upset about it.
Poor car drivers, can't find anywhere to (double) park!
Guess they'll have to take the subway, bus, train or a bicycle like everyone else.
And, here I am, cycling with a helmet!


  1. I read today that a recent Dutch family movie, Foeksia de Miniheks, will not be shown in the US and Canada. For two reasons: there's a sloppy woman in it who smokes a pipe, and there's a little boy all through the movie who rides his bike like all Dutch little boys do - without a helmet. This makes the movie totally unsuitable for an American audience. So weird.

  2. I saw those "gosht bike" in London to

  3. It is international... but I've never seen one outside of nyc.

  4. Hopefully they will keep the bike lane!