Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm having a hard time today deciding whether to ride my bicycle to work or not. Time is not the issue, the wind is... there are few things I find more irritating than the wind roaring in my ears for an hour.
Ok, maybe more than a few things, but roaring wind is definitely in my top 10 or 20.
I have the misfortune of excellent hearing due to my lack of rock concert attendance and almost zero use of  portable personal music playing devices. It really sucks, because in a world of rocknroll-deafened people, most things are purposely too loud. And weirdly, I can still hear that noise that scares away teenagers.
In any case, the roaring wind is not fun. I've tried a band to cover my ears and that helped, but I lost it. I should buy some earplugs, but I've been too lazy... Now all I can do is whine.
I never had to know what "14 mph W" meant before I moved to the Netherlands! I still get confused, is it blowing West or is it from the West?
Wikipedia tells me it is reported by the direction in which it originates.
And by blowing, I mean a steady non-stop, non faltering stream of wind. It doesn't gust here. If you watch for signs of wind, you won't see any because the plants don't sway, they simply lean. The roaring doesn't come and go, it remains steady and LOUD.
I've learned from experience that anything under 10 mph is tolerable but that's setting the bar rather low for a country known for generous, forceful wind (hence windmills).
New headband... and maybe I really will go get some earplugs today. :)
Are there any other solutions?


  1. I'm living in the east of the Netherlands and I also get very restless whenever I'm near the coast. So, your solution might be to move eastward :-)

  2. And I should stress that this restlessness is caused by the wind (and traffic and airplanes and...)

  3. A motorbike helmet perhaps? Or one like this:
    You will get noticed!

  4. Nice site, Alicia! (We found you through copenhagenize) We live half the time in Amsterdam and half in Sydney, where the helmet debate still rages:

  5. I just moved last week, so moving again isn't appealing :) That roman helmet, though, wow! Would that legally qualify as a helmet in Australia? I bet more people would cycle if they could wear that thing :P