Sunday, September 5, 2010


In Leiden, about 1 kilometer away to an apartment without a leaking ceiling!

The only casualty so far is my computer that I used to do all photo editing... so no photos for a little while. I hope they can fix it.

Until then, I'm going to have fun watching canal life and dreaming about having a pet otter who frolics in the water all day and then jumps into our window at night for snuggling. Otters make good pets, don't they?


  1. No, otters smell horribly, they are destructive, far too energetic for us humans to cope, and their teeth are very sharp. There is a reason why people have cats or dogs and little else.

    Still, congrats on the new apartment :-).

  2. Ring of Bright Water (about otters & domesticity)

  3. Didn't Gavin Maxwell, on whom the movie 'Ring of Bright Water' was based, lose half a finger to his beloved otter? An otter which he couldn't keep in the house because it was a wild animal, but which he had 'distorted' enough to be not afraid aroung humans so it was killed by one?

    Otters are not pets, luv. Neither are lions and owls (but after 'Born Free' and 'Harry Potter' everyone wanted one). Otters are not domestic animals. It is probably even against the law to keep one.
    If you want a pet who is just as sleek, just as fast and intelligent as an otter (if not more so), why not keep a couple of ferrets? Ferrets are of the same 'family' but are a domesticated branch and have been so for thousands of years. They can't even survive in the wild.

    Ferrets are legal. Ferrets are very cute and ferrets don't bite your fingers off!


  4. No pets allowed in the new apartment anyways :( Ferrets are very cute though...
    So for now it's just a dream. A dream where MY otter doesn't bite, doesn't smell, is house trained, loves to snuggle and maybe is a ferret.

  5. Wonder where to find a 'disney' otter for you.;)