Sunday, September 26, 2010

I need a better zoom lens

During my first months here, I was quite taken by the fact that Dutch windows don't have protective bars and often offer unobstructed view of inhabitants... Now, it seems rather normal and I use my own two giant unobstructed living room windows to spy on all the people outside!

Here's a party boat:

A group of young men loading crates of Heineken on to a real party boat:

Same day, a group of young women, ceremonially dipping a bike into a canal and then untying it and presenting it to one of their group. (Women are so much more complicated than men. Really.)

I wonder if this will ever get old...

Pack of school kids riding by!

For our other window, the one in the kitchen (kitchen slash bathroom slash closet slash dressing room, who doesn't put a sink in the bathroom? It's weird. So is the narrow clothing closet next to the fridge.) I put up some protective film so that our neighbors are not scandalized... or piqued.
I found the film at the local home improvement outlet, Gamma.
There are tons of choices! It's a very common solution and I think the leafy one is the prettiest.


  1. I too love to spy on people from the top floor windows of my home whenever I take a break from my work ( my office is at the annexe to my home) or at weekends when friends are around playing cards or doing something crazy! :p :D heehee. I use an attachment to my camera telescopic lense to convert it into a terrestrial telescope. Of course I do snap photos of them too.:p

    Interesting and changing 'activities' to witness from your windows but ....'baptism' of a bicycle in a canal??? I've never heard of or seen it before. Thanks for this new knowledge.

    Happy watching!;)

  2. Very "Rear Window" of you. The angle of the pictures suggests, perhaps incorrectly, that you are self-conscious about being observed observing.

    Sunday morning psychoanalysis.