Friday, September 3, 2010

Best dish in Leiden

From the Gaanderij,

It's called "Corn Chicken" on the english menu... a terrible name, but nevermind.

Chicken breast,
wrapped in bacon,
stuffed with old amsterdam cheese
and covered in a truffle sauce. With fried potaoes.


Not the best photo, I'll have to go back to try it again.


  1. Ahah! Ahah! Ahaahh!

    I thought 'Corn Chicken' a stupid name for a dish that contained no corn in any shape or form, so I checked out the menu and I now know why it's called 'Corn Chicken'! Ha ha hah! I'm so clever! :-)

    Apparantly they have only one chicken dish, and one lamb dish and so on. So the dishes are just called 'Chicken' and 'Lamb'. But this is quality meat. The beef is Belgian 'dikbil' (a certain breed) and the chicken is - ta dah! - *corn fed*!

    Who's a clever girl then?

    Okay, I'll stop right here, because I'm getting weird...

    (it does sound nice, and I like the look of the little gratin dish. What was in it?)


  2. Geez - you've made me feel very hungry!!!