Saturday, August 14, 2010



  1. most of these are not omafietsen!
    just number 2,4,5 and 6

  2. I wonder, is Leiden so safe or were these bikes set up for the photos? There are at least 4 of them unlocked or not tethered to an "immovable object".

  3. 3 of 7 is not most.

    Frits: All the bikes except for 6 I think have o-locks that immobilize the back wheel. Too often there is nothing to lock your bike to, so even with a chain people often just put it around the front wheel. This seems to be a deterrent against theft, but not necessarily against being thrown in the canal, or made into a bike tree

  4. Leiden is pretty safe... possibly the custom paint job makes the bike less theft worthy? They are pretty distinctive and would be hard to resell. And yes, a few have hand brakes so they are not true omafiets! Sorry! :)

  5. Well I suppose the custom paint jobs are effective deterrents as they make the bike too recognisable. Still, I'm so used to seeing bikes chained to the next rock so to speak.

    Alicia: hand brakes are not what makes a true oma fiets, or the lack of them. It's the loop frame. And the short connecting tube between the loop and the straight down tube is called a mannetje, for no apparent reason. I've never dared ask the fietsenmaker across the road.

  6. Omafiet:
    Would the above be of some help?
    L. ;)

  7. a mannetje is a (modest size) Gent, ahem
    so there ive said it
    jo schliker